Y todas las noches bajo la vía láctea parecen eternas

Hola, soy Rick. I'm 25 years old. I live in Puerto Rico. I probably totally like you.

Ask/tell me whatever!

Stations and sunrises.

Stations and sunrises.

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Guardians of San Juan, New mural 2013Puerto Rico, San Juan


Guardians of San Juan, New mural 2013

Puerto Rico, San Juan

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D*Face “Reflections” in Puerto Rico.

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The sky, man.

The sky, man.

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The night sky, man.

The night sky, man.

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Piña colada’d.

Piña colada’d.

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In Puerto Rico we don’t say “goodbye” we say “En Capri nos vemos” which loosely translates as “Our souls will join together as one once more” I think that’s beautiful.

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Miss California and the Puerto Rican Tumblr Babies.

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Proof that Puerto Rico is actually Night Vale


Reinaldo Ríos, a local ufologist is organizing a vampire hunt on Saturday! 

Dress code is death metal concert chic. BYOBQLCGA (Bring Your Own Black Quartzes, Large Crucifixes, Garlic and Alcamphor.) Please leave your weapons at home. We don’t want any non-damned casualties!

There will be a police escort, but only as a cautionary measure. “The police can’t deny me protection,” he said, “because these rituals are so bad things will diminish in the country and the world.”

Ríos will also ask the town mayors to provide municipal guards, as he wants to avoid the unfortunate incidents in Guánica when Cataño’s ex-mayor Chemo Soto joined the search for the deadly Gargoyle.

Christian churches will not be allowed to join the hunting party, as they “don’t understand or accept these millenary rites.”

Ríos had previously warned about the possibility of a werewolf terrorizing the country during the Super Moon. He had also counseled to keep watch for zombies, and had requested an exorcism to several religious leaders.

“Hombre Lobo podría aparecer con la Súper Luna” killed me.

Bienvenidos al Valle de la Noche.

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